Modular pole system provides flexible and cost effective solutions along with street lighting, and for traffic signaling, telecommunication, urban furniture, etc. The system offers multi functionality in urban network planning.

Performance pole is an innovative system developed by Alcopole. Performance pole is designed to contribute to the environment to improve the unique street framework and architectural needs.

Performance pole is a multifunctional system suitable for simple and efficient accessory attachment.

The extruded aluminum pole enables mounting of accessories along its length at any height and position.

Performance pole system accommodates a variety of accessories as per project theme.

  • A wide range of pole heights and outreach arms that meet the lighting requirements,
  • Multifunctional feature in accordance with the street and urban lighting requirements,
  • Performance pole is engineered to adopt future accessory additions for integration and full fill the functionality,
  • Lighting column from extruded aluminum with an internal structure of hot dip galvanized steel core,
  • Removable lower cladding from extruded aluminum,
  • Four channels allow mounting of various accessories at any height and distance,
  • Available with flange plate mounting,
  • Suitable for post top mounting or side entry,
  • Compatible with a range of amenity, road and floodlight brackets,
  • Available with or without a spigot,
  • Available with the access door,
  • Available from 4 to 14m,
  • Rust free,
  • Long life span,
  • Eco-friendly,
  • No maintenance required because of the natural characteristics of aluminum,
  • Anodized or powder coat finish.


Brackets for road & pedestrian lighting
Effect lighting
Feature lighting
Carriage lighting


Brackets for Advertisement


Mounting sets of CCTV, antennas and other
communication technology accessories

Alcopole Pole Accesories

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